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Submission Process

Read an overview of the review process for papers submitted to UBER Journal.

Submission Information

Find information regarding the deadline, acceptable topics, and the appropriate format for submissions.

When making a submission, please copy, paste, and supply the information requested below in an e-mail that is addressed to uberjournal@berry.edu and contains, "Submission from [First and Last Name]" in the subject line. Before e-mailing us your submission, please take time to make sure your manuscript follows the given guidelines for submissions.

Instructions and Checklist

  • Name (Last, First, M.I.):
  • Major:
  • Date of graduation (MM/DD/YY):
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number: ( ) -
  • School attending:
  • School mailing address:
  • Year in school:
  • Topic of paper:
  • Title of paper:
  • Length (not including title page or abstract): ____ pages
  • Faculty advisor (Name and discipline):
  • Faculty advisor's phone number: ( ) -

Please read the following statement and, if you agree, paste the statement at the end of your e-mail and include both your initials and today's date next to it.

"My manuscript is neither under submission in another journal nor has it been published in another journal. I agree not to submit my manuscript elsewhere while it is being considered for publication in the UBER Journal."


Important Notes


Please be aware that we will not begin reviewing submissions this summer. Responses will be sent out regarding submissions after the deadline, which is November 30, 2016.

Also note that the NCUR Proceedings is an exception, and we will gladly consider submissions that have been accepted for publication in this year's Conference Proceedings.